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We’re doing ******!

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So hey, we decided to pick up another show this season after all!
Not gonna tell what it is though so you’ll have to wait for the release tonight.
Look forward to it!

Also people, please stop asking about BD shows, they’ll be released when they’re done and I’m most definitely not giving out any estimates.

selector infected WIXOSS – Episode 2

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Oh look, it’s Dead Mast— wait, wrong show.

We’re encoding now from a TV source since CR’s stream seems to be permanently delayed by 24 hours.
This week’s release took a bit longer to do because there were quite a lot of signs to typeset.
Also Akatsukin wanted me to post the rules of WIXOSS so here they are.
(Not translated by him, but he might fully translate them some day in the future if he’s bored or something.)

Spring 2014 Plans

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Get ready for some card games… with angst! (I don’t know why either but I think it’s a brilliant idea.)

So yeah, we’re gonna be doing Selector Infected WIXOSS, aiming for a timely release on Thursday. (Usually within 6 hours or so)

We will be TLCing+Editing the CR/Funi scripts and of course doing our own typesetting/timing etc.
The first episode will be released tomorrow as we didn’t manage to secure a cap from MBS and songs need to be sorted out and whatnot else. We’ll also most likely switch to CR for the video source starting from episode 2.

Kuroko no Basuke 2 – Episode 25 (End)

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I can’t believe we’re already at the end of the second season, that went by much faster than I thought it would.
And man, what a season this was. Even without RON’s (the guy who did the OST for the first season) music, this season ended up being pretty good with improved animation, matches packed with action and all the new basketball moves.
Some of them were kinda BS in my opinion but then again, it’s shounen so it’s not surprising.

I would also like to apologize for delaying some of the episodes due to my health issues and would like to thank the staff for keeping up with the show despite me not working on it.

And lastly, here are the credits:

Translation: CR
Translation Checking: Akatsukin
Editing: Ianu
Typesetting: furzi
Timing: furzi
Encoding: furzi
Song Translation: Akatsukin
Quality Checking: Akatsukin

P.S. There will be a batch but it will most likely take a month or two due to the amount of episodes.
P.S.S. Outbreak Company Volume 1 and the extra episode of OneeKita should be released tomorrow. (The extra OneeKita episode will be a v0 though since it doesn’t look like the BDs will be uploaded anytime soon.)

Kuroko slightly delayed.

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Due to the TLC/QC being absent, Kuroko will be delayed for about 48 hours and it should be out on Monday.

Also yes, we know that the last episode of Onee-chan ga Kita! and the bonus episode are out on BD but we can’t sub it yet as said translator is gone. (And the BDMV isn’t up yet, so there’s that too.)

Quick status update about BDs

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So yeah, I’m kinda alive again so expect BD releases during the next following weeks.
First release is probably gonna be either Shingeki or Outbreak Company and yes, I promise that
at least one of them will be released during the next week.

Also, Spring 2014 plans will be up as soon as we’ve decided on what we’re gonna do.